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Winter (Vocabulary and Songs for Beginners)

Hello,dear learners!
A lot of people like December, because it brings us the magical spirit of Christmas and New Year holidays !For me, winter is snowy and frosty weather outside and warmth of my home inside; playing snowballs and making snowmen, sledging, skating and skiing, watching winter movies and cartoons with all my family and enjoying tasty home-made pies and biscuits with a cup of fragrant tea or coffee.
What is winter for you?

Today I'd like to recommend these songs for those who begin studying English . They also can be used for teaching kids. The rich vocabulary and nice tune will help students to memorize a long list of winter words and phrases.
So, let's listen to these songs and enjoy learning English!

Winter Vocabulary

I love this time of the year
The streets are covered in white/ with snow
be dressed from head to toe ( an idiom)
 drift down -  a continuous slow movement from one place to another.
snowman (pl snowmen)
 scarf, hat, gloves

my toes   are frozen
my nose is freezing
the coldest weather
winter comes after autumn and before spring
winter days are  very short and cold 
wear gloves and jackets to stay warm
precipitation :
 sleet -  a mix of rain and snow
hail - pellets of frozen rain
wintry storm
snowflakes are falling
great time for cold fun / for play

Rudolph's nose

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