среда, 5 марта 2014 г.

Travelling (vocabulary)

Today we’ll learn some words and phrases about travelling and our emotions. Here they are:

  •         Travel-travelling-travelled
  •        Travel around the world
  •        Have been travelling forever
  •        Have been around the world
  •        Have been in foreign land

  •        Feeling out of place
  •        Feeling strange
  •        To feel like in heaven.

Now, let’s practice these phrases with music! Enjoy learning English!

Do you know how to write a vocational postcard? Read here:

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  1. • Expressing emotions and describing it would be extremely easy when you are connected with .When you have words one never fails to express whether its food, emotions, travelling or a scene. Expressing beautifully is all you need.
    Try it..!!


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