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Saint Patrick's Day Traditions

Saint Patrick's Day Traditions

Today, on the 17th of March, people celebrate Saint Patrick's Day all around the world. This traditional Irish holiday is international nowadays. So, what are the symbols and traditions of this celebration?

  • Shamrock is one of the symbols of Saint  Patrik's Day. The Shamrock plant was used to illustrate the message of the Christian Holy Trinity. Saint Patrick was credited with using the Shamrock in such a manner so the wearing of the Shamrock is the Irish tradition all over the world.

  • On this holiday people use the opportunity to dress up as Leprechaun or even as Saint Patrick himself.
  • The traditional Saint Patrick's parade take place in many cities around the world.

  • One more tradition is greening of buildings and rivers 

  • The Saint Patrick's day dinner is the essential part of the holiday.Corned beef and cabbage is  the traditional  Irish meal which is often served   for Saint Patrick's Day dinner. Traditional Irish music  and a family gathering are the  other Irish Saint Patrick's Day traditions that have been going on for centuries.   

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