среда, 12 марта 2014 г.

Spring Blog festival on WizIQ
What is the Spring Blog festival?
The Spring Blogging Festival e-conference is a 3 day online event showcasing bloggers, their work, and valuable tips for blogging for reflective practice or with students. This event takes place online free in WizIQ web rooms, from March 14-16, 2014.
 to interact with educators and edubloggers from around the world. Learn about different global blogging projects your students can join, find out how to motivate students to blog, explore ways to gain an audience for your blog, and discover edubloggers with inspiring messages. Check out the program here,
, with an incredible line-up of authors, teachers, trainers, and projects waiting to inspire you.

Each presentation will be held in WizIQ web rooms, which feature presenters on a webcam with their slides. Participants chat with other participants and can make long-lasting connections. By registering, you ensure you receive a certificate to share with your organization and add to your CV and resume.

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