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Extracurricular activities for teaching English

    Extracurricular activities  are the important part of teaching English. This type of work does not only deepen and broaden the knowledge of a foreign language , but it also helps to expand the cultural horizons of pupils , develops their creativity , forms aesthetic taste , and as a result, increases the motivation to learning the language and the culture of another country. I do my best  to involve all my students in extracurricular activities : the boys and the girls sing, dance, perform  plays, select music, decorate the hall and  COMMUNICATE(!). They become more friendly,helpful, open -minded,  uderstandable for each other and for me, their  teacher.

  My pupils are my pride! They are talented, active and creative! They have a lot of interesting ideas! It's really a great pleasure to work with them. They inspire me to make new  unusual projects and give me a lot of positive emotions. I get a lot of  satisfaction from teaching them and collaborating with my students.

  This is how we  performed the musical show "Sleeping Beauty". Hope, you'll like the pictures. So, read and enjoy!

Long ago , in a land far away, there lived a king and a queen.

They wanted a child but didn't have any.One day a long-awaited baby was brought them by a  stork .

It was a beautiful girl!

The king and the queen were very happy and invited many people to the palace for a party!

Suddenly an evil witch appeared in the palace .

She was very angry and said ,"At the age of 16 the princess will prick her finger on a spindle and fall asleep for 100 years"

16 years later.

The princess met  a Spindle,pricked her finger and fell asleep.
The prince kissed her and woke her up!

Everyone is happy!

What are your ideas of extracurricular activities  for teaching English? I'll be glad you  to share them here!

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  1. Hello, nice teaching story :D
    It reminds me about several years ago, when I was in senior high school. My teachers held an English Night where we played drama (and other fun activities too). The preparation was so "hard", but the result was very-very-very satisfying :D
    Miss such that moment :D

    1. Hello,Khadis! Thank you for your comment! Hope, my pupils will also save their memories in their future adult life!

    2. Hello,Khadis! Thank you for your comment! Hope, my pupils will also save their memories in their future adult life!

  2. Awesome! I just posted about these ebooks I found that talk about using theater in the class! It is so great to see teachers implementing this :-)

  3. In our country, there is extracurricular activities after the lessons. I work there for the first time as an English teacher in this year. And and our headmistress demand yearly program. But I haven't still prepared program. Would. Like to know which resources, books can I use for this activity?


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