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Grammar . Nouns + Verbs : Singular or Plural?

Hello, my dear learners and -I hope -friends!

Today I'd like to help you to memorize the rules of choosing singular or plural verb forms with plural nouns . This is our third lesson for studying nouns. You can lern more here #1 and #2

So,we should use singular verb forms with:

  •  the names of school subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Economics,etc.               Physics is the first lesson today.
  • the names of sports : gymnastics, athletics, etc.                                                       Gymnastics is my favourite kind of sport.
  • the names of illnesses:mumps, measles,etc.
  • the word news  The good news is you are the winner!
  • plural nouns when we talk about an amount of money,a time period,weight,distance,etc.Is two hours a day enough  for studying English?

  •  group nouns such as jury, family,class,government,company etc. when we mean a group as a unite. My family is friendly.

 The plural verb forms are used :

  • with nouns which refer to the objects that consist of two parts: tights, socks,glasses, scissors,etc. Where are your scissors?
we do not use a/an or a number with these words.We use phrase pair of... with them. 
These jeans  fit you perfectly!
  •  with such words as: clothes, people, police, stairs,cattle,poultry, etc. Ann's clothes are so smart.

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