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English for Kids: Horses (a song &a poem)

animals-and kids
Hello,dear friends!
Today we're going to enjoy the most gracious animals. They are horses! :)
Last summer my granddaughters travelled with me and I had the opportunity to watch how excited they were coming close to horses which were on a farm not far from our house. These pictures were taken there.
That's why I decided to post this poem and song for kids to teach them new words about horses.


When a horse is seen, many words come to mind,
Strong, agile, magnificent, refined.
When a horse is seen there's an urge to stare,
There's a thrill that the horse is eager to share.

When a horse is ridden, no words can describe,
The amazing, breathtaking, powerful vibe.
When a horse is ridden, no feeling can compare,
To the pure magic of feeling wind whip through your hair. 

by Rhea Badhwar

Now let's listen to the nice song and  sing it  with your kids! So, enjoy this English lesson!

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