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Have You Ever Seen ?

Hello friends! I'm here again and today we'll learn some interesting English expressions with the help of   this funny poem. The words in it   are not used in their usual meanings, so sometimes we can't understand them, but let's try!

Have You Ever Seen
by Anonymous

Have you ever seen a sheet on a river bed?
Or a single hair from a hammer's head?
Has the foot of a mountain any toes?
And is there a pair of garden hose?

Does the needle ever wink its eye?
Why doesn't the wing of a building fly?
Can you tickle the ribs of a parasol?
Or open the trunk of a tree at all?

Are the teeth of a rake ever going to bite?
Have the hands of a clock any left or right?
Can the garden plot be deep and dark?
And what is the sound of the birch's bark?

  • a river bed - the bottom of a river, where the ground is
  • a hammer -  a tool used for hitting things or forcing nails into wood that consists of a handle and a heavy metal top with one flat side
  • a foot of a mountain -  the lower part of something; base; bottom 
  • a garden hose - a very long tube for carrying water to a garden or a fire
  • a hose  - old-fashioned socks, stockings, and tights
  • a needle eye - the hole at the top of a needle 
  • a wing of the building - a part of a building that sticks out from the main part, especially one with a particular purpose
  • a trunk -  boot of car
  • a trunk of a tree - the main part of a tree that the branches grow out of
  • birch's bark - the hard substance that covers a birch  tree
  • to bark - to make the short loud sound that a dog makes

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