вторник, 27 августа 2013 г.

Fashion girl's vocabulary

  • Match-  if one thing matches another, or if they match, they form an attractive combination; to provide something that is suitable for a particular situation, person, or purpose.
  • Go with - to seem good, natural, or attractive in combination with something.
  • Suit -  if a style or something that you wear suits you, it makes you look good.
  • Fit -  if clothes fit, they are the right size for you.
  • Try smth on - to put on a piece of clothing in order to see how it looks and whether it fits.
What a lovely dress! I'd like to try it on!
The dress doesn't fit me: it looks a bit big.
Oh! This new blouse really  suits her!
Which bag goes best with this suit?
I've bought a wonderful blue dress and now I need a pair of shoes to match.


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