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Nouns ( part#2)

Hello,dear learners! Today we'll learn some rules for correct using English nouns. Hope, you remember that we began to learn nouns here   part#1.

To show the quantity of uncountable nouns you should use the following nouns:

a piece of cake/ news/ advice/information/furniture/paper
a glass/ bottle of water/juice
a jar of jam/ honey
a packet of tea/ flour
a loaf/slice of bread
a pot of yogurt/ honey

a pot/cup of tea
a kilo of sausage
a tube of toothpaste
a bar of chocolate/soap
a can of fish
a carton of juice/milk
a bowl of soup
a rasher of bacon.

Everyone should remember that the words 

  • a couple of, several, (a) few, many, a (good, large,great) number of ,both  are used with countable nouns.
How many eggs have we got? - We have few of them.
    How much milk have we got? - A little.
    • a great/good deal of, a small/large amount/quantity of, much, (a) little      are used with uncountable nouns.
    • a lot of, lots of, hardly any, some, no, plenty of        are used with countable and uncountable nouns.
    Nick is lucky :he's got a lot of friends  and also a lot of money!

    Compound nouns

    Compound nouns are made of two or more parts. To make their plurals you should follow these rules:

    noun + noun: add  -s  after the second noun
    a  school teacher- school teachers

    -ing form/adjective +noun add  -s to the noun
    skipping rope -skipping ropes 

    noun+ in-law Add -s to the noun
     sister-in-law - sisters-in-law

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    1. Nice blog for English learner. But other langue in this blog i cant read.

      1. Hello! Firstly, thank you for your kind words about this blog, my friend! and as for other language (it's Russian),I think it takes only 5%, not more. :)


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