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Grammar: NOUNS


Hello, dear learners!

The new academic year has started and I'm glad to see everyone who wants to study English with English:learn,read,enjoy!

Our grammar lesson today is devoted to nouns.

What are nouns? These are  the words which we use to name all the things and living creatures around us.

Nouns can be divided into some groups:

  • common - name everything we can see or touch ( dog, fish,balloon, book, wall, etc.)
  • propper  - the names of somebody or something (Ann, America, Sun, etc.)
  • abstract- name the things which we can't see or touch ( independence, ignorance, friendship, etc.)
  • group  - name the group of people or other things (crowd, family, etc.)

All the nouns can be also divided into countable and uncountable.

Сountable nouns are the  nouns which we can count. They have singular and plural forms. We usually make the plurals by adding -s.
a book - books, a cat - cats, a girl - girls

but there are some irregular Plurals in English
 a man - men, a woman - women, a child - children, a person - people, a goose - geese, an ox- oxen, a tooth - teeth, a foot - feet, a louse - lice, a mouse - mice.

Uncountable nouns are  the  nouns which name the things that we can not count. They don't have the plural forms. They  include 
  • many types of food : rice, salt, bread;
  • liquids : water, juice, oil;
  • materials : metall, glass, plastic;
  • abstract nouns : love, beauty, education, etc.
  • others : news, advice, rubbish

Grammar  rules :

Countable nouns
  • can take singular or plural verbs( The girl is very smart /The girls are very smart.)
  • always go with a/an/the/ my etc. (This is a  book./ Give me the book ,please!)
  •  can be used alone or with some/ any/ many/few in the plural.(Books teach people./ How many books have you read?)

Uncountable nouns
  •  always take singular verbs ( Good education is very important nowadays.)
  •  do not go with a/an/ one/ two etc.( They eat soup for dinner.)
  •  can be used alone or with  some/any/much/ little/the/my etc. (How much time do you need to finish the project?)

Now, let's read the text below and find different nouns:

a) common
b) proper
c) irregualr plural
d) regular plural
e) uncoutable

 Despite appalling weather across much of the east coast yesterday, a double rainbow was pictured in the sky above Marine One as it sat on the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.
The helicopter was waiting for the arrival of President Barack Obama, who was flying in on Air Force One on his was to give a speech at Laborfest in Milwaukee.
For much of the east coast Labor Day was marred by heavy thunderstorms as three men were hit by lightning on New York beach and play was stopped at the US Open.

Check yourself!

a)  coast,rainbow, helicopter,speech,thunderstorms, lightning,beach,play
b) Marine One , Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, President Barack Obama, Air Force One , Laborfest , Milwaukee, Labor Day , New York ,
US Open.
c)  men 
e) weather, sky (can be countable)

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