четверг, 27 апреля 2017 г.

Songs for Children: It's Spring

Hello dear teachers and parents!
This lovely song about spring will be a real pleasure for small English learners! I'm sure they like watching the cartoons about Caillou. This short song has a lot of useful words and phrases which caan be easilly memorized while singing and watching this video.

It’s spring -2
We’re really glad ,it’s spring.
The flowers grow,
There is no more snow
We’re really glad ,it’s spring

It’s spring -2
It’s time to laugh and sing
Let’s go outside,
I’ll run, you’ll hide
We’re really glad ,it’s spring

There is fun things we can do
Treasure hunt and barbecue
Fly a kite, go to the zoo
We’re really glad ,it’s spring

It’s spring -2
I push you on your swings
The leaves turn green,
It’s time to clean.
We’re really glad ,it’s spring

Each season has something to do
Each season has something that’s new
We like spring, how about you?
We really glad ,it’s spring!

Hiking, biking, playing ball
Young and old, big and small
I like summer,I like fall
But we like spring the best of all
It’s spring -2

Finally it’s spring
Here comes the sun
Let’s have some fun
We’re really glad it’s spring

It’s spring 

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