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Poems for kids : The First Day at School

The school year is going to start and these funny poems and songs will help you and your students to create a friendly athmosphere at the first lesson . You can find more interesting poems and songs here 
My First Day

See me skip.
See me run.
I’m going to school like everyone.
See me walk.
See me grin.
When the bell goes, I go in.
See me jump.
See me play.
I’m in Grade One, hooray!

Hello everybody, how do you do?
How do you do? How do you do?
Hello everybody, how do you do?
I'm glad you're here today.

If your name's Susan, stand up.
If your name's Trevor, stand up
If your name's Joseph, stand up.
If your name's Bonnie, stand up.

(They love this one)
If you have brown eyes, stand up.
If you have green eyes,.....
If you have blue eyes, ......
If you have TWO eyes, .....
“Sometimes I asked for colours being worn
(If you have green on,....) or a favourite
or I try to rhyme words to their names (If
your name's Anna, stand up. If you like
bananas, stand up...).

T'was the night before school started
When all through the town
The parents were cheering
It was a riotous sound!
By eight the kids were washed
And tucked into bed,
While memories of homework
Filled them with dread.
New pencils, new folders,
New notebooks, too,
New teachers, new friends,
Their anxiety grew.
The parents just giggled
When they learned of this fright,
And shouted upstairs -

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