вторник, 28 мая 2013 г.

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The Kiss

Did you know that I kiss you with my eyes a thousand times each night?
From a distance - my invisible touch carried on beams of light
At first the kisses are soft as a feather upon your cheek
Then warm and tender, for it is not passion I seek
My craving is to be close to you and feel your strength
Of your victorious ways I could speak at great length
For these kisses on air I ask nothing in return
But that you accept and understand how this stolen heart yearns
I never meant to feel this way - It caught me unaware
When you became the recipient of all my loving stares
I know not how to end it now - You are embedded in my soul
Of course our lips shall never meet - I would not be so bold
But as I take your favor and return it with a kiss
I also kiss the flower you tossed, for it once touched your lips

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